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Christmas Concert - Home Alone

On 21st December 2019 the Lisburn Community Orchestra had its debut performance at Lisburn Cathedral for a festive evening filled with music from the film 'Home Alone'. After having been together for just fourteen weeks, a lot of hard work and a bag full of enthusiasm we performed two sold out shows to a very welcoming crowd. We where delighted when so many people took a break from their last minute Christmas preparations to come and hear us play.

Before joining the orchestra many of us didnt know each other, let alone played together. However, we came together and bonded in such a short space of time. It was an emotional finale for many as the concert came to an end. After the elation felt from all the hard work and pulling it together at the last minute, there was relief and heavy hearts for it all to be over. The reality is though that its only the beginning. The orchestra will be back!

Featuring guest solos from Clara Wilson, The Leading Ladies and Harmony Hill Primary School childrens choir it was a jam packed set list. The music was supported by projected clips from the movie, in the fabulous setting of the catheral, and we were all so pleased with how it came together. Receiving such amazing feedback was the icing on the cake.

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